What is TuiNa?

TuiNa (pronounced Twee-nah) is often considered the oldest form of bodywork. It originated in ancient China and is a key component of Chinese Medicine.

TuiNa practitioners focus on acupoints and meridians along the body as well as muscle attachment sites. Stretching is often incorporated and many practitioners utilize cupping therapy during treatment. Some people refer to this therapy as ‘Chinese massage’ and there are many overlaps between TuiNa and certain forms of massage.

You can expect many benefits from your TuiNa session including pain reduction, improved range of motion, relaxed muscles, and enhanced circulation. Skilled practitioners will utilize a balanced combination of strong and gentle pressure to maximize the balance within the body and work with the natural movement of your body to maximize healing.

The best way to learn more is to book a session and see the many benefits for yourself!

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