About Jenna Valentine

If you are looking for an open-hearted, non-judgemental individual to hold space for you as you explore your healing path then you have found the right person. 

Jenna has always had a love for people and the connections that can occur between them.  She has a  history of working with many different populations: veterans with mental illness, individuals with substance abuse issues, youth in foster care and juvenile justice, people without homes, wealthy individuals seeking relationships, and everyday people trying to get through this crazy life.  Jenna’s extensive experience has given her a deep understanding of people and shown her that everyone shares one common desire: to love and be loved

Currently based in Austin, TX, Jenna is pursuing her doctorate in Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine and has seen the way a feeling of being disconnected can impact physical and emotional well-being.  Jenna offers cupping therapy and TuiNA body work services to help her patients reach their healing goals. She also utilizes her psychology background and training to provide in-depth intimacy coaching to individuals looking to enhance their relationships with others and with the self.

Jenna has 1000s of hours of experience practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chengdu China, at the Veteran’s Administration, Austin Recovery Center, People’s Community Clinic, AOMA Clinic, Community Wellness Hours and in private settings.

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